How it works

YourCallIsImportantTo.Us is an affordable solution for all your customer support needs. Our patent- pending invention will empower your business to succeed in today's competitive landscape. Here is how it works:

  1. Register

    You will be assigned a phone number for your customer support hotline.

  2. Publish

    Announce your number on your website and other customer-facing channels.

  3. ?????

    When your customers call your hotline, we will treat them to a never ending stream of soothing music.

  4. Profit!

    Use our AdSpeak™ system to generate extra income by playing advertisments while your customers are put "on hold"!

Try our demo to experience it first-hand!

By eliminating your costly support staff, you can reinvest those resources into areas that truely matter to your business. Now you can finally afford to take your board on that dream vacation!

Our customers

Since we replaced our claims department with YourCallIsImportantTo.Us, we were able to dragistically reduce our operating expenses. Not only that, our claims rate also saw a sharp decline as well! Our internal studies attributed this to the calming music we play on our YourCallIsImportantTo.Us hotline.

At Next Life, we are committed to the best possible treatment of our customers. Thanks to YourCallIsImportantTo.Us, we now have the opportuinty to provide comfort for our customers during their most stressful moments in life.

Clarissa Dortha Chief Financial Officer, Next Life Insurance

Our service is trusted by over 10,000 companies worldwide, from family-owned businesses to multinational corporations. You may recognize some of our clients:

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